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“print 1 of 1” – exclusive ownership of works of art

there is another world, but it is in this one. presented here are photographic records of this world, a world that is very real, though we have forgotten how to see it. these works of art point to the way of reason that developed our bodies and minds over the ages. they teach us how to see again. to think with our hearts and love with our minds. they call us to remember what we are: homo spiritualis, not homo sapiens. this direct photographic evidence of the ethereal serves to remind us all to stop, reassess, exhale, and simply be excellent to this planet, for we are in it, of it, and by it.

the structure of the “print 1 of 1” program is such that only one print of a single work of art is ever made.

the sole print is made as an intanglio print – an original print: a work of art that has been manually created, inked and printed on a printing press by a master printer. it is not a reproduction of an original. the print is handcrafted in its own right. the master printer and the artist create this unique original work of art by processing everything – including pigment selection and grinding – by hand rather than using a photomechanical reproduction process. colour is built up through the use of many colour printings using handmade pigments. to do this without reproduction, the printer will employ a number of processes. most importantly, for each image, an artistic symbiosis with the energy that the image requires to ’emerge’ – like in the font-de-gaume – is performed. this is an emotionally, spiritually and a physically demanding task. with manually ground pigments the only way to know how colours sit on other colours is by actually printing them to see …  the process is long and it is purely creative – and it works towards making prints with images with true presence – far surpassing a colour print made using any other process. collectors of prints have appreciated these works as much as they have paintings because of the process being similar. but more importantly the whole idea of creating a unique original print is in destroying any capability to repeat it … and hence therefore, a documentation sheet and the cancellation proof is delivered proving that only one print has ever been produced and no others could exist. therein is the real value of the original “print 1 of 1” print.

i am entering into the world of collaborative printmaking with jon cone at cone editions press in vermont. these prints are being made in both the spirit of collaboration between jon, myself and shinto. jon has agreed to work each project as an interpreter. he will work with hand-ground pigments made into inks, with large scale intaglio and gravure plates, an etching press, and with platinum, palladium and gold metals or sensitised pigments in the darkroom if summoned upon, and will construct the work to make it tangible in this world. the entire printmaking project from its beginning to its final print will be available in a specially designed portfolio which contains the project. all of the signed trial proofs, state proofs, and working proofs will be included with the final signed bon-à-tirer print. the cancellation proof which demonstrates the destruction of all the printing plates is included. a documentation sheet explaining the journey and process is included. 

each project is necessarily unique. jon’s concept is that our entire printmaking collaboration together, including the experimental proofs and the near completion proofs also tells a story. it is an opportunity to own an entire printmaking experience that can never be duplicated again and exists only within the portfolio. you can study the journey, curate your own exhibition from it, or frame only the final bon-à-tirer proof knowing the long path to this unique print remains in the portfolio.

please read the statement by jon cone on printing these works of art here.

the journey: a man, for his own reasons, walks alone. something makes him raise his camera and he makes a negative in a particular manner. the entities, for their own reasons, show themselves to him communicating messages. the journey continues as the man sits alone and generates the work of art according to the energy of the negative and the image emerges in the photograph. emergence. and onward the journey continues in the making of the original print, and now the work of art hangs on a collectors wall. the journey is complete. or is it? for, now the collector’s the journey begins as she or he begins to understand the layers of symbolism and meaning revealed therein. does she or he, over time, begin to understand the message?

please visit the collections “1 of 1”: said. know. do, kalu, fantômas, lórien, anima, verschränkung and vocatvs to view the current offerings. to purchase, please note the title of the work of interest and contact me.

outside of my basic living expenses, 100 percent of all revenues go directly to understand, restore, heal, to preserve this planet, unstained.

from usd 12,000,000 to 60,000,000