the return of persephone

eru narayana

…and the goddess welcomed me kindly, and took
my right hand in hers and spoke these words as she addressed me:
“welcome young man, partnered by immortal charioteers,
reaching our home with the mares that carry you. for it was
no hard fate that sent you travelling this road – so far away
from the beaten track of humans – but Rightness and Justice.
and what’s needed is for you to learn all things: both the unshaken
heart of persuasive Truth and the opinions of mortals
in which there is nothing that can truthfully be trusted at all.
but even so, this too you will learn – how beliefs based on appearance ought to be believable as they travel all through all there is.

i will do the talking; and it’s up to you
to carry away my words once you have heard them.
what i will tell you is which roads of inquiry,
and which roads alone, exist for thinking.
the one route, that
is and is not possible not to be,
is the way of Persuasion; for Persuasion is
Truth’s attendant. and as for the other,
is not and is necessary not to be:
this, i can tell you, is a path from which no news
returns. for there is not way you can recognise
what is not – there is no travelling that path –
or tell anything about it.

…for what exists for thinking is the same as the cause of thought.

this book is dedicated to peter kingsley
thank you for your guidance

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