“i shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to the human mind.” – thomas 17

a message to humans

a message to humans

part i

1. the light: the only thing in life that is not a theory is your awareness of being aware. awareness of awareness always has, is and always shall be the only, ever-present, immediate truth. look within and see; you cannot live in the inner world of words and see her. this is she, your light.

2. persephone’s quest: love creates her own necessities, even of becoming a person. the nature of your light can be felt not through the senses or knowing it by mentations, nor expressed in words to others, but through union of perfect sympathy. in stillness and in silence, just be. feel. you radiate. you illuminate. your light is the unfolding of the manifold of pure loving. her essence is good, innocent, young, at play, uncluttered by memories or expectations, like the happiness of open spaces.

uncaused, she is free. all-pervading, she knows. undivided, she is happy. she has always been such. she lives, she loves and she has endless fun shaping and reshaping the universe; love, herself, in motion. your light: what you are timelessly, you express eternally.

3. what exists for thinking is the same as the cause of thought: learn how beliefs based on the “inner world of words” ought to be believable as they travel all through all there is; which roads of inquiry and which roads alone exist. the one route, that of ‘is and is not possible not to be’, is the way to the truth. and as for the other, that ‘is not and is necessary not to be’, is a path from which no news returns. for there is no way you can be what is ‘not’. that which ‘is’, always was, is, and it is not possible not to be. that which ‘is not’, never has been. there is no way to think of what is ‘not’, or tell anything about it. ‘nothing’ does not exist. there is only what ‘is’. what exists for thinking is the same as the cause of thought.

4. a thing is perceived by consciousness only to the extent as it is interesting to it: to be of interest, a thing is perceived by consciousness only and always as related to one’s own conscious existence, which is the focal point of every desire and fear. for the ultimate aim of every desire is to enhance and intensify this sense of ‘existence’, while fear is, in its essence, the fear of self-extinction. this desire and fear mechanism by consciousness creates the illusion of separation between itself and the thing. this separation exists only in the inner world of words, a dream. know that desires and fears are but physical mechanisms and be free of them. at

once your vision will clear and you shall see all things as they are. moreover, when speaking to others, keep the above in mind as to what also drives their emotions. at once, you shall dissolve all false perceptions of them and you shall project true compassion.

5. “reality”: reality is the only word in the language that should always be used in quotes. creation, reflection, rejection – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva – this is the eternal process. all things are governed by it. Brahma: creation of perception creates your “reality”; Vishnu: reflecting on perception, investigating causes of your fears and suffering and ultimately identifying your perception, your inner world of words, as the sole cause, always; Shiva, the great destroyer: destruction, rejection of your perception. this is the universal law. your light, the perceiver – not a perception, is the only exception.

6. the singularity of light: just as it is not possible for light to ever perceive darkness, all darkness is but a perception and, therefore, not of the light. for light, darkness does not exist. you can be sure that your light is all there is, all that has ever been and all that shall ever be. be tender to her. your emancipation from your perceived darkness cannot be negative in character, for light can never lead to a negation of anything. the perfect freedom is in harmony of your relationships and not in a wish for a mere severance of any bondage. since remote ages your light has incessantly knocked at the closed gates of life’s blindness until, after repeated efforts, life opens its windows of sight and the union of two in harmony is perfected.

7. the welcome: the time has come for you to greet your light at your own door, in your own mirror and smile at the other’s welcome. love again the stranger who was your self. give back your heart wholly to your light, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, who knows you by heart. love and be kind to your inner light, be tender to it. this tenderness is the ground that nourishes the opening of your inner flower.

8.༄།། སྣང་སྲིད་གདམས་ངག་ཏུ་ཤར་བ། སྣང་སྲིད་ -“nang si dam nag du char wa”

the lighthouse of discernment: understand that all appearances are quintessential instructions, teachings that appearances of separation are but a dream web of inner words. they have no ‘substance’. remain aware of the true nature of your light. be very tender to her. this is the dew that opens your inner flower.

9. god does not play dice: all perceptions are a dream web of inner words. they have no “reality”, no substance. there is no such thing as sin or karma. these are but words, representations of something without substance. sin and karma are but concepts borne in inner mentation and not of the light. it, whatever ‘it’ you may have perceived, is not your fault. it never was. all memories and present appearances have always had no substance. they are not important except to the mind when disconnected from the source all around you, right now. recognise the inner world of words as a veil obfuscating your light and you unfold your flower. it is not possible for light to perceive darkness. light discerns without condemning anything or anyone. all your perceptions have always only been but quintessential teachings to open your heart’s awareness to your light.

10. སྙིང་རྗེ་ཆེན་པོ། -“nying je chen po”

the true purpose of light: with a loving heart, through union of perfect sympathy, see the same beauty within all the creation. the creation is beauty. beauty is the creation. there is no separation. Tat Tvam Asi. this is the true purpose of your light. hold this purpose sacred in the conduct of your life. when perceiving what others say and when speaking to others, embrace their true essence. they radiate. they illuminate. they reflect ‘The One’ back to you as clearly as any other seemingly-out-there aspect of the universe. they are ‘The One’ you have been waiting for. they always were. you can be sure: your light sees this. listen to her. always remember that what exists for perceiving is the same as the cause of perception.

11. illumination: light is not partial. she illuminates all equally, the saint and the sinner, just as rain falls on all the land, nourishing it. the light behind your eye does not perceive a mote in the eye of another, for, the light behind your eye is the light behind the eye of another.

12. the essence of the art of life: the essence of the art of life is to live your life with true perception. true perception aligns the inner world of words with the world. true perception yields true thought, true speech, true action, true livelihood, true effort, true mindfulness and true concentration. “true” is singularly defined as that perception that is, at all times, a mirror of the true purpose of light. be mindful of the lighthouse and illuminate; affix your heart to your light. live as a true mirror of your light. be aware that all spoken words and action taken by you, is motivated by and only by the awareness of the true nature of your light.

part ii

13. on hearing: and it came to me that when being with someone and listening to them, the sole right thing to do is to is to be the space in which that person occurs. simply listen to them, be with them, with full attention and awareness of their essential nature. and in that listening, with that full attention, those words that are being conveyed to you, through you simply “being”, are being completely experienced. hence you become the space in which, through your listening, the person truly feels that they are experienced. they exist in your listening. the person gets to truly exist inside your listening. and this is all anyone really wants: to feel that they exist in you.

14. on seeing: the distance between looking and seeing is greater than the size of the universe. to look a thing or at someone implies a separation between you and them and therefore, a judgment by words in your mind. the “me” and “mine” judges the thing as “not me” and the thing is judged as “mine” or “not-mine”, wish it was mine, or i do not wish it to be mine. good, bad. all judgements by words in your mind are a dream. looking creates separation. the thing you “look” at is outside. not you.

instead, simply see. only then do you stop dreaming words and your eyes open. seeing recognises the seen to exist solely in your consciousness. seeing turns your awareness inward and outward to the nature of your light. the seer sees the seen as itself. a sense of unity is restored and reality emerges from the dream. in seeing, suffering ends. Tat Tvam Asi.

15. M: love with your mind, think with your heart. Q: how did i come to live in turmoil and sorrow, while my entire being strives for happiness and peace? M: because you did the opposite.

16. the suchness of the universe: given a choice between being right or being kind to someone, choose to be kind because there is no way you can be right. there is simply no way you can be right. this is the perennial fact. remember that 100 percent of people do 100 percent of things 100 percent of the time that are judged 100 percent rational to them at the time. mentate on this as you recall history or what others may have done that offended you and hurt you. what is rational to you is certainly not to others. and vice versa.

memories of the past and fears of the future place a “prism of life” through which every person views reality and which colours their view of reality and drives their reactions. memories spin the dream web of inner words which shape and warp and exaggerate and darken this prism. through each warped multifaceted prism, each person views their actions and reactions as completely rational, to them. to you, therefore, your action to be “right” is only right through your own prism.

recognise this and instead, be kind. kindness is the reflection of your light which passes through the prism untouched, unmodulated by it. this is the perennial teaching. only and always be kind. then, you begin to soften your prism until it is gone.

17. the mirror: what you do to others, you are only doing to yourself. at the same time and in equal measure. be sure you understand this. read it 17,200 times. this mirror is the greatest genius of the creation, god’s finishing signature. this is the One Universal Law which subsumes all commandments and all teachings flow from it. this Law stands at the very heart of the creation and balances it.

18. the storm: always remember, a storm seeks only peace when it appears. remain within your light and all storms, yours and others, shall find what they seek.

19. the power: what was the power that made me open out into this vast mystery, like a bud in the forest at midnight? a gentle breeze while stirring the starry sky with my hands.

20. eyes: my open eyes are my only gift to thee, folded in my only song. the only thing god ever wanted is your open eyes.

21. hide and seek: simply allow your light, this innermost happy fragile unextinguishable child to live through you. it has always been there. this is the god you seek, this child of light.

22. the last petal: as your flower opens, there is the last petal. this petal is in a fold within a fold within a fold. as it unfolds you transition from ‘becoming’ to ‘being’. do not interfere or try to persuade others how to recognise and how open their own inner flower. their path is their path. your path is not their path. moreover, do nothing to impede others to open theirs. simply serve others through gentle and a loving conduct that nourishess them to unfold their inner flower, in their own way.

23. clouds: always make animal shapes out of clouds. with that mindset, realise the beauty within everything and everyone. exhale, breathe and remain within the nature of your light. your flower is opening, you are returning to what you have always been. you have never been anything else but pure loving. welcome home.

-eru narayana eilid quevalar valaquenta